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Question: The site looks really weird. Things aren't in the right places, Disqus isn't working, etc.
Answer: If you're using Internet Explorer, press F12, and at the top where it says Document Mode, click IE9 standards. If you are not using IE, I'm unaware of what the problem is. I highly suggest making sure that you are using the latest version of IE, FireFox, Safari, or Chrome.

Question: What did you use to make this blog?
Answer: I went over to, found a template I liked, and edited it in the HTML editor. (I'm using a blogger blog).
Question: How do you make the wallpapers?
Answer: I make most of my wallpapers in Adobe Photoshop CS5. I made some of my older ones in and GIMP. I try to make everything myself (aside from the official artwork) but if I use something else, I be sure to give credit.

Question: What did you use to make the contact forms?
Answer: I used Google Docs for the most part. It's free, and easy to use. For the satisfaction survey I used Zoomerang. It makes really nice surveys, although it has many limitations unless you are willing to pay.


Question: I found a broken download link, what do I do?
Answer: Fill out this form, or just send me a comment in one of my recent posts.

Question: I was downloading [SOUNDTRACK NAME HERE] which includes multiple .RAR files. When I went to open it, they didn't all open the way they're supposed to. Why is this?
Answer: RAR files can be compressed so that they only hold a certain amount of data. When doing this, parts of files may get split into different RAR files. For every file to come out correctly, you must download all of the files to the same folder, and once every single part of that download is in that folder, open up the first RAR file. There you should see all of the files. Then you should extract them, and do whatever you like with the files!

Question: I've seen you uploading FLAC versions of downloads. What are they?
Answer: An FLAC file is an audio file that is in perfect quality, basically what you get when you rip it from a CD where the quality is perfect. MP3 files are compressed to take up less space on computers/mp3 players, but when they take up less space, they lose more quality. But honestly, it's extremely difficult to hear a difference between FLAC and a high quality MP3, so it'd be a better choice to go with the MP3

Question: Where do you get all of the soundtracks?
Answer: To be honest, I usually find a free download somewhere, make sure it's legit, then re-upload it to MediaFire. Although sometimes I do rip the actual CDs if I have them.


Question: Can we do a link exchange?
Answer: I'd love to. Please send me the link of you're blog on a comment on one of my newer posts, and I'll add it to my other cool sites page. But make sure to stay true to you're word!

Question: Can you advertise my site?
Answer: Sorry pal, unless you've got something INCREDIBLE, I probably won't do it. Although if you want to do a link exchange, I'd be up for that!


Question: Why aren't you posting? Are you dead?
Answer: School is really hard for me right now. By the time the summer rolls around, I'll be posting a lot more.


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