Exclusive: Interview with Member of The Fire Emblem 12 Translation Team

Check out this exclusive interview with one of the main 3 translators on the Fire Emblem 12 translation team!

Fire Emblem Awakening Wallpaper Featuring Official Logo

With the official logo of Fire Emblem Awakening having just been released, we decided to make a wallpaper out of it after adding a few neat little effects to it. Download it for free right here!

Get Ready for the Twilight Symphony!!

Zelda Reorchestrated, also known as ZREO is getting closer and closer to the release of their amazing new album, the Twilight Symphony. This 3 and a half hour album will feature over 50 songs from the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess all fully reorchestrated.

New Super Mario Bros. 2 Info!

Here's everything you need to know about New Super Mario Bros. 2! If you're still debating whether or not you're gonna get this game, you really need to read this post!

Upcoming Nintendo Direct!!

Hey everyone, it was just announced that a new Nintendo Direct will be broadcasting tomorrow (August 29th) at 8:00PM Japanese Time, which is 4:00 AM PST, and 7:00 AM EST. So, it's really early in the morning. Sadly, that means a lot of us won't be able to watch it as it's livestreaming, but we can watch it afterwards. If you are interested in watching it, (live or afterwards) just click on this link and enjoy: http://www.nintendo.co.jp/nintendo_direct/index.html I believe this is a Japan exclusive broadcast, so it probably won't be worth your time. I'd just stick around, and wait until everything is translated for us! I'll be reporting the news of the broadcast very soon!

No More Nintendo Power Magazines

Recently, it was declared that the December 2012 Issue of the Nintendo Power Magazines will be the last. It's hard to see them go, especially seeing how long they've been around. My only regret is that I didn't get more of the magazines before they halted production. Still, they had some pretty cool things in those, with cool statistics, and interviews. I know I'm a little late on this news, but I figured that you guys should know just incase you didn't already. 


Sorry everyone, but I just can't do it anymore. I'm not in any legal trouble, but it's just not right, and I don't feel like risking anything. I think I have removed almost all of the soundtracks from my site, but if I haven't, I will find them. I'm sorry to let you all down like this, but as a supporter of Nintendo I can't do this anymore. I'll post downloads to fanmade stuff, and whatnot, but nothing that could even in the slightest hurt Nintendo. I hope you all understand!

An Unfortunate Update...*PLEASE READ*

Hey everyone, so it's that somewhat dreaded time of year again, where most of us go back to school. Unfortunately, I will also be going back, which means that there will be many less updates on the blog. To be honest, I can't even promise one post a week anymore...(that's not to say I won't post that little, I'm just not promising anything). I'm not sure how willing my other current writers are, but I know that IkeFE has agreed to post a new review once every 2 weeks or so, which will really help me out. Due to downloads being the most popular thing on the site, when I do post, a majority of the posts will be downloads!! And I mean real ones, not the crap I've been throwing at you this summer. :P But in all seriousness, I will try to update the site as often as I can. Below is what you can expect for the next 9 months:
  • Certain downloads are being taken down due to DCMA complaints. I'm sorry, but I can't control this. It seems like all CLUB NINTENDO downloads aren't in harms way, so I will continue to upload those. It also seems like (but I'm not sure) actual game rips aren't in violation either. Thankfully, this will save us a lot of worrying. (Game rips have more songs in them anyway)!
  • Wiikly Epic has been CANCELLED - It seems like not a lot of you really look at the Wiikly Epics, even if a download is included. Because of this, I won't continue making them as they are rarely being viewed.
  • Info regarding upcoming games won't be published as much... If the game is something that I personally am looking forward to, or a LOT of you are, I will still write info regarding what you can expect from it. Currently, the games I will be writing info for include, but isn't limited to...
    • Paper Mario: Sticker Star
    • Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
    • Fire Emblem Awakening
    • Castlevania: Mirror of Fate
  • Info regarding Wii U won't be published as often. That's not to say I won't be posting it, but I won't be posting as much Wii U stuff. The reason is, I don't plan to get a Wii U right away. Maybe not even for a year. Why? Because I just don't have the money, or time. Especially with school work getting even harder, and other stuff I'm not going to explain to you. I suggest keeping an eye on The Wii U Blog if you plan to keep up with Wii U news.
  • We'll be reverting our post types. Long-time readers are familiar with what I mean here. For those of you who don't know, a lot of our posts will NOT relate to news, so much as older stuff to look back on.
If you are willing to help us, and you think you can post roughly twice a week, please fill out this form. We could really use the help! Thank you all for reading. Good luck with this next school year, and/or whatever else you may be doing!

Rayman Legends Will Be Exclusive to Wii U + Trailer

At E3, we heard news of Rayman Legends, but at the time, we didn't know it would be exclusive to Nintendo's very own Wii U. At Gamescom, Ubisoft announced that this new game would be available only for the Wii U, which is pretty cool if you ask me. It's possible that in the game's future, it will be ported to other systems, but as of now, we know that it's Wii U exclusive. Rayman Legends will be coming to stores in time for Christmas 2012. If someone you know loves Rayman, and you are already getting him/her a Wii U, you might as well give them this just to make them all that much happier. If you're interested in this title, here's a trailer:

Review: Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (3DS Virtual Console)

Just a few weeks ago, Month of Mario started, where Nintendo would discount a Mario game on the eShop. I just happened to have enough money to purchase Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins while it was discounted so I decided to buy it. I can say, that for the $2.99 I spent on it, it was totally worth it. When it returns to it's regular price of $3.99, I'd still say you should give it a shot if you're a Mario fan.

Super Mario Land 2 doesn't really have a back story, so the second you start a save file you just start playing. The player finds him/herself on a world map, where they are able to travel where ever they like. One of the first places they usually run into is a mansion with a Wario silhouette running on the roof. It's safe to assume that this was Mario's castle before Wario took over. By clicking the "A" button, the player can look at a wall which appears to have 6 holes, which are for the 6 golden coins. The player must go back to the world map and explore it to find the "worlds". ("World" meaning series of levels all with a similar theme). The player is able to play these 6 worlds in which ever order he/she desires. Each world consists of roughly 3 to 5 levels. Most of the levels in the game are very simple, where the player simply has to go from left to right, avoiding enemies and pits, ultimately trying to get to the goal. However, there are a few levels which I found very entertaining including a space level where the gravity was altered allowing the player to jump higher. Back to the worlds: At the end of each world, there would be a boss level where the player would go through a level as usual just to find that a boss was waiting there to destroy Mario. The boss fights were always very simple, lacking in originality or strategy. The hardest thing about them was trying to stay alive, which was actually pretty dificult on the space world, and the water world. Overall, the levels were generally very short and simple, but that does not include the last level. The final level was actually somewhat fun, but much harder than the rest of the levels. I wasted over 25 lives on it. If you die once, you go back to the start, and do it all over again. On top of that, you go through 3 stages of the final boss, which is still fairly easy, but way harder than the other bosses. I guess I should just say, it was a good way to end it.

The gameplay was as simple as that, but what about the rest of the game? Well, the music was actually very nice. Despite it being 8-bit, Nintendo still found a way to make it sound great. Certain levels sounded better than others obviously, but it was still very nice. I never once found myself turning the volume off as a result of it being too annoying. As far as the graphics go, I felt as if everything was too magnified. Mario was pretty big, and took up a lot of space. The enemies of the levels were also quite large, which I found a little bit annoying. For some reason, I think the bigger graphics actually made the game easier. Regardless, I didn't like the bigness of it all, but it's not like I can change it. The coloring was completely black and white (and shades of grey) as this was a gameboy game, but it did end up looking pretty nice. My main complaint is that the controls were rather uncomfortable, especially for my right hand.

Overall, the game was pretty fun. It was too easy for my taste, and the controls were uncomfortable, but to make up for these, the music was great, and the creative levels were something that could make you smile. The boss fights lacked in stategy, but made it difficult for you to survive. Ultimately, the game was short, as I finished the game in just over 2 hours. Although I wouldn't mind playing it again. Compared to today's games it's really not that great, but for what it was, when it was released, it was pretty great.

All Upcoming American Release Dates

Nintendo has recently announced plenty of release dates regarding many upcoming games, including Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, and tons of others. This post will tell you all of the known release dates, or release date windows. I'm sure a lot of you are going to be happy to hear that Paper Mario: Sticker Star will be released on November 11th. On the other hand, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon will be delayed until sometime in 2013...Very unfortunate. Well, that's the main news, here's the rest of the games we can expect from now until the June 30th, 2013.

Nintendo 3DS

Game TitleRelease Date
New Super Mario Bros. 2August 17th
Chevrolet Camaro Wild Ride August 2012
Hotel TransylvaniaSeptember 18th
Disney: Pixar Finding NemoSeptember 2012
Disney Princess: My Fairytale AdventureSeptember 2012
FIFA 13September 2012
Old Skool ClassicsSeptember 2012
Word Wizard 3DSeptember 2012
Unchained BladesSummer 2012
Art Acadamy: Lessons for Everyone!October 1st
Crosswords PlusOctober 1st
Code of PrincessOctober 9th
Skylanders GiantsOctober 21st
Style Savvy: TrendsettersOctober 22nd
Imagine BabyzOctober 23rd
Imagine Fashion LifeOctober 23rd
Zero Escape: Virtue's Last RewardOctober 28th
Professor Layton and the Miracle MaskOctober 28th
50 Classic GamesOctober 2012
American Mensa AcadamyOctober 2012
Angry Birds TrilogyOctober 2012
Bratz: Fashion BoutiqueOctober 2012
Hello Kitty PicnicOctober 2012
Junior Classic GamesOctober 2012
Lalaloopsy: Carnival of FriendsOctober 2012
Moshi Monsters Moshlings Theme ParkOctober 2012
The Trash PackOctober 2012
Wipeout 3October 2012
Wreck it RalphOctober 2012
Freakyforms Deluxe: Your Creations, Alive!November 5th
Petz CountrysideNovember 6th
Paper Mario: Sticker StarNovember 11th
Disney Epic Mickey: Power of IllusionNovember 18th
Rise of the Guardians: The Video GameNovember 20th
Sonic and All-Stars Racing TransformedNovember 20th
Classic Card Overload: Card and Puzzle Edition                                November 2012
Jett TailfinNovember 2012
Rayman OriginsQ3 of 2012
Ben 10: OmniverseFall 2012
Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?!Fall 2012
LEGO The Lord of the RingsFall 2012
Spy HunterFall 2012
Rabbids RumbleHoliday 2012
Scribblenauts UnlimitedHoliday 2012
Harvest Moon: A New BeginningQ4 2012
Animal Crossing 3DSFirst Half of 2013
Fire Emblem AwakeningFirst Half of 2013 
Luigi's Mansion: Dark MoonFirst Half of 2013

Nintendo 3DS eShop

Game TitleRelease Date
Crazy Chicken: Pirates 3DAugust 16th
Vector RacingAugust 23rd
Pokémon Dream RadarOctober 7th
Sparkle Snapshots 3DOctober 18th
Pokédex 3D ProNovember 7th
Cave StoryQ3 2012
Fractured SoulQ3 2012
Johnny ImpossibleQ3 2012
Mystical Ninja Starring Geomon                                     Q3 2012
Unchained BladesQ3 2012
Fluidity: Spin CycleQ4 2012
GradiusQ4 2012
NightskyQ4 2012
Speed XQ4 2012
Spirit Hunters Inc.Q4 2012
Wario Land IIQ4 2012
Zelda II: Adventure of LinkQ4 2012

Nintendo DS

Game TitleRelease Date
Hotel TransylvaniaSeptember 18th
THUNDERCATSSeptember 25th
I Spy Game PackSeptember 2012
Smart Games for KidsSeptember 2012
Pokémon Black Version 2October 7th
Pokémon White Version 2October 7th
Bratz: Fashion BoutiqueOctober 2012
Lalaloopsy: Carnival of FriendsOctober 2012
Moshi Monsters Moshlings Theme ParkOctober 2012
Puzzle OverloadOctober 2012
The Trash PackOctober 2012
Wreck It RalphOctober 2012
Nickelodeon Bubble GuppiesNovember 1st
Nickelodeon Dora & Team Umizoomi: Fantastic FlightNovember 1st
Big Time RushNovember 6th
Monster High: Skultimate Roller MazeNovember 13th
Rise of the Guardians: The Video GameNovember 20th
Ben 10: OmniverseFall 2012
Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?!Fall 2012
LEGO The Lord of the RingsFall 2012
Victorious: Taking the LeadFall 2012
Winx Club: Magical Fairly ClubFall 2012

Well that's all of them! Also remember that Kirby's Dream Collection will be ariving on September 16th! Tell us what you think of the known release dates, and how you feel about Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon getting delayed! What do you think you'll be picking up? On a side note, I'll soon be adding a page to the site with release dates for all upcoming games!

Golden Nunchuck Available for NoA Club Nintendo Participants

Just recently, Nintendo added the golden nun-chuck to the Club Nintendo shop for the ridiculous price of 900 coins. Now that the Wii is finally dead, they give this award to us... It kinda makes me mad, but what you gonna do? At least we get something new (even though literally anyone could paint it). As far as I know, Europe does not have this award, but they do have these awesome Mario Kart trophies (which are way better :P). Anyways, that's all the news I have. Sorry for the lame posts lately, I've been busy. Well, until next time!

New NSMB2 Puzzle Swap Puzzle Available

Hey everyone, a new puzzle for Puzzle Swap is available and it's for New Super Mario Bros. 2. It is availabe via spotpass! All you have to do is put your 3DS in sleep mode with the wireless switch on (in an area where you have a registered wi-fi connection) for at least 30 seconds, then open it up and go to the Streetpass Mii Plaza. For some reason, I had to go to the Streetpass Mii Plaza twice before it gave me the piece. I'm thinking it was just a glitch, but on the off that it happens to you, just go back to the Streetpass Mii Plaza again. If it still doesnt work, try going into spotpass again! Be sure to tell us which piece you get, and what you think of the puzzle! Good luck getting the rest of the pieces!

Wiikly Epic 8/9/12

Hey everyone, it's Thursday again, and you know what that means! It's time for yet another Wiikly Epic! I know that not a lot of you guys are too interested in these, but I really do wanna change that, so if you haven't looked at one yet, please just give this one a chance, I promise it won't be a waste of your time... Let's kick it off with the VGM of the Week!

VGM of the Week

I chose this VGM for a few reasons actually. For one, I don't do much Sonic related stuff on the site. Maybe that's because I've never really liked him, or maybe it's just because I don't pay attention to him. Another reason I chose this music is because it has a good balance of intensity and motivation if that makes sense. I really like it, and I hope you do as well!

Fanwork of the Week

One thing I know for a fact is that all three of the people writing on this blog (IkeFE, Lucky Luke, and myself) are Fire Emblem fans. Surprisingly, I haven't put any Fire Emblem music, downloads, or artwork in any of these Wiikly Epics. Well, What better time than now to do that? On the left you can see a picture of Ike starring up into what originally appears to be the day time sky, but after just a second, you can see the beautiful stars. But keep looking at it. Look at the awesome art style of Ike. That's not just an illustration, but it's not some computer rendered image either. I can't really explain it, but it's just so awesome. And look at the clouds, they painted style mixes so nicely with the rest of the image. And the fact that this is related to Fire Emblem is just awesome. Great job na-insoo! (The artist of the image). Be sure to check out the rest of his stuff! He doesn't have a lot, but what he does is nothing short of what you see to the left!

Shoutout of the Week

 I just came accross this video just earlier this week actually, but I knew I had to post it on this site sometime sooner or later. If you've been following us on twitter, you would have probably already seen it. Here's a breif description of what it is. A certain YouTuber known as Rickonami who is a professional animator made a YouTube account for all of this personal projects. Well a lot of these personal projects consist of taking classic 8-bit/16-bit game intros and remaking them in HD computer rendered graphics. I can't explain it very well, so let me just show you this MegaMan 2 intro in CGI HD! Here you go!

So that was it...And I really thought that it was awesome! It takes a few seconds to start scrolling up, but when it does, it's pretty awesome. My only complaint is that he used a sprite of Megaman and Wily over a real rendered model of the two, but it's not that bad. Be sure to check out the rest of his videos. He's done videos for Castlevania, Star Fox, Atari, and so on. Be sure to check the rest of them out! You'll like them. Well, I hope you enjoyed this stuff...Tell me what you thought.

How Much Would You Spend on DLC? Polls in Post

DLC has been a fairly popular concept with in the past few years, it's about time that Nintendo catches up on it. As a matter of fact, there's already some games that have paid DLC out for the 3DS including Fire Emblem: Kakusei (only in Japan as of now), New Super Mario Bros. 2 (only in Japan as of now), and Final Fantasy Theatrhythm (in all regions). Well DLC is going to get popular in a lot of upcoming games, and I was wondering how much you would be willing to spend on DLC for a single game as well as multpile games. Please fill out the following 2 polls if you will!

How Much Money Would You be willing to Spend on...

A Single Game?                                                                Muliple Games?                
Well thanks for filling those out! I'm pretty interested in what you guys have to say! I know that Fire Emblem Awakening is gonna make me go broke... Haha. Oh well. Well, tell me if you like the idea of DLC or not. The comments need you!

Xenoblade Chronicles Review (Wii)

I think I'll save everyone a whole lot of their time from my redundant gushing over Xenoblade Chronicles and start off with the focus of this review: this game is phenomenal.  A strong word, I know, so here's another to describe XC: gargantuan.  Therefore in order to avoid a gargantuan review, I'll be breaking this review into five sections each marked with bold text.  With that, on with the review.

Story/Concept:  Bionis and Mechonis are two giant battling mechs frozen in time on the endless sea. History tells of a story that the two fought for years before having blades collide, making time stand still. These creatures are so colossal, their bodies inhabit several different races of creatures.  Among them is a young scientist named Shulk who studies the Monado, a mystical and legendary blade.  Before you begin your incredible journey as Shulk and take on the responsibility of the Monado, you instead venture to Sword Valley, a huge uncharted land mass settled in the center of the Bionis' blade.  You're thrust into a world of huge mechanical creatures called Mechon who inhabit Mechonis and are hell bent on slaying all life forms on Bionis.  The soon legendary Battle at Sword Valley ensues, ensnaring you into a ferocious fight for life, betrayal and grizzly death.

Gameplay:  When it comes to RPG's a lot of issues that have held the genre back are obliterated in Xenoblade Chronicles.  Crawl speed progress - gone.  While initially you may spend some time venturing across this impossibly massive world, fast travel is an option and encouraged.  Save points - gone.  Xenoblade Chronicles allows you to save anywhere, anytime there isn't a battle in progress.  Healing items and the strain they put on your wallet - gone.  While this comes with its own set of issues, this micro managing nuisance from RPG legend is cleared from the record in XC.

XC incorporates a highly underused battle type in its real time battle engine.  Players of Final Fantasy XII will feel right at home as XC borrows a bit from it while also turning up the heat for a strategic and masterful flow of battle.  Everything is explained in the hefty tutorials the game prompts, which can seem a bit overwhelming at first but soon become second nature.  There is a learning curve but if one is to pay close attention, all is well executed.

Each character has a unique skill set which grows over time.  This formula works well in most cases yet can be a pain in others.  Relying on the sometimes shoddy AI with no way to control your party members can be hell, but in many cases there are a couple of work around's.  For example keeping offensive skills unequipped from your healer in favor of health restoring ones; or the "Warn" option prompted when near a party member, using this chance to heal or protect is a huge player in the tactics of XC.

Graphics:  In terms of character models and glorious detail, keep in mind how positively immeasurable this game is.  Some textures have the "muddy" look to them but this is completely forgiven by the sheer size and mass of the games world.  Cut scenes are all non rendered and flow beautifully, the game keeps track of your armor changes, even in cut scenes.

The games world is gorgeous - fantastic colors, well designed and interesting areas as well as a beautiful use of effects in battle.  However mass amounts of said effects at once with prompt the more often than a little slowdown issues XC suffers from.  These issues are hardly an issue though as the beauty and design of this game crush and issues the slowdown may cause.

Sound:  From the moment XC is started until the final credits roll, the soundtrack never disappoints.  Just when you think you've heard a favorite track in the game, you'll enter a new area with an even better one.  Sound effects are satisfying and accurate - when slashing a Mechon to shreds, it sounds like steel ripping though metal and having it explode at your feet is very satisfying. Voice work, either English or Japanese, is well done with some great delivery of emotion and humor though some characters miss the mark(such as one early game boss).

Conclusion:  While it is not without its faults, Xenoblade Chronicles is without a doubt the best RPG of the current gen.  Relying on team AI can sometimes lead to unnecessary death, and no reasonable options to heal in battle adds to this issue.  However beyond these there is hard to find any glaring flaws in Xenoblade Chronicles. Massive 60+ hour main story with truck loads of extras and side quests, you'd be lucky to finish this game in 100 hours.  Worth the $50 and then some and a must have RPG.  
Note: This is our 200th post!! Awesome that we've made it this far!

New Super Mario Bros. 2 Official Wallpapers & Commercial (US)

Recently, some New Super Mario Bros. 2 Official (meaning I didn't make them) wallpapers were released. The sizes you can get them in are 800x600  1024x768 1280x1024 and 1920x1200. There are 3 different wallpapers you can get. The first featuring the group artwork, the second featuring pikes of coins, and the last featuring Gold Mario & Silver Luigi! All wallpapers can be seen below. The previews I'm showing are sized at 1280x1024. For all sizes, click here.


On top of all of that. Nintendo has released an official trailer for New Super Mario Bros. 2 in the US. The trailer is pretty creative. I guess you could say Nintendo has been making better commercials over the years (watch the Super Mario Sunshine commercial to see what I mean). Anyways, here it is. Tell me what you thnk in the comments!

Bad News - Copyright Infringement on DS2 OST

As you guys know, this site gets a lot of its popularity from the downloads, specifically the soundtracks that I post. Well unfortunately, we've had our first copyright infringement on the Devil Survivor 2 OST download. I do not regret this, as I was only trying to help you with free stuff, but I'm not proud of it either. Thankfully, it does not count as a copyright strike as I have removed it from the site within a timely manner. But, my mediafire account did recive a strike... I have removed the OST from the site and mediafire, however the rest of them are still on the site. Because of this incident, I am temporarily going to stop uploading OSTs until I can find somewhere else to store then that does not put this site in potential danger. Other downloads (such as wallpapers, games, utilities, etc.) will be posted more often in order to make up for what I do not post when it comes to soundtracks. To be clear, the soundtracks will not be stopped, just temporarily halted. Thank you for understanding!

New Super Mario Bros. 2 Info

Now that almost every detail regarding New Super Mario Bros. 2 has been said, and it has been released in Japan, I think this is a good time to talk about what we can expect from the game itself. I know I said that I would do this on a YouTube video, but due to certain technical issues, I'm afraid that won't be possible. So, I'm just going to do it in a simple post. I'm not gonna go on and on over every little detail. I'm simply going to state it, and elaborate the main points if necessary.

Anyone who watches any trailers for this game would realize that the game is going to be all about the money. Everything in this game relates around the idea of the coins from the power-ups to the enemies. Nintendo has stated that this game will support streetpass, spotpass, and DLC (downloadable content). The game also supports local multiplayer, where one person plays as Mario, and the other as Luigi. So, here are the main points:
  • Two game modes
    • http://www.mariowiki.com/images/thumb/d/d9/CoinsNSMB2.png/379px-CoinsNSMB2.png
    • Story/Main mode - This is in every game. You simply go through the worlds getting through the half way point bosses, and the end of world boss. This mode can be played with one to two players.
    • Coin Rush - This is a new mode, which is not necessary to gameplay. Coin rush takes any random three stages that you've already played on story mode, and makes you play through them trying to get as many coins as you can as fast as you can. You only get one life, so if you die at all, it's over. Coin rush data will be transferred via streetpass. You can compete against other's scores. Beating someone else's scores will result in getting a Coin Crown which is worth 1,000 coins. There are 3 modes, Mushroom (easy), flower (medium), and star (hard). I almost wish they just did it completely randomly...
  • One Million Coin Challenge - *SPOILER ALERT* Nintendo has challenged you to collect one million coins. If you can do it, you will receive a new title screen with a Gold Mario statue on it. *SPOILER ENDS HERE*
  • Multiplayer Mode - For the first time ever, you can play a portable New Super Mario Bros. game with someone else (in more than just a battle mode)! Multiplayer mode is only able to be played LOCALLY and BOTH PLAYERS ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE A COPY OF THE GAME. Player one plays as Mario, Player two as Luigi.
Story - Copied from the American website
Trouble always seems to find its way to the Mushroom Kingdom! Just as Mario and Luigi go off on a coin hunt in the sky, their beloved Princess Peach is kidnapped by the dastardly Koopalings. The brothers have to venture through over 80 stages to rescue her, grabbing an endless deluge of coins across land, water, air, and snow along the way. 
eShop Description - Here's how the eShop described the game.
his new side-scrolling installment in the fan-favorite Super Mario Bros. franchise launches Aug. 17, as the Mushroom Kingdom bursts with more coins and gold than ever before. Players can transform into Gold Mario and Raccoon Mario, and battle friends for high-scores in the new StreetPass-enabled competitive Coin Rush mode. Also, for the first time in a hand-held Mario title, players can enjoy a cooperative two-player mode for the entire game via a local wireless connection.
Gameplay - The game is very similar to the past two games in the franchise. The map system, level patterns, items, enemies, bosses, and overall mechanics are very similar.
  • Map
    • Each map consists of a random number of levels
    • Mushroom houses, cannons, ghost houses, fortresses and castles are still on maps
  • Playable Characters
    • Mario - As always
    • Luigi - Playable in multiplayer, and after beating the game. To use Luigi in single player, beat the game, and then hold down L and R while on the title screen.
  • Non-playable Characters
    • Princess Peach - ...Ugh, this is getting old
    • Toad - Those annoying midgets with mushrooms on their heads
    • Bowser/Dry Bowser - The main enemy
    • Koopalings/Reznor - Mini bosses
      • Roy Koopa
      • Iggy Koopa
      • Larry Koopa
      • Wendy O. Koopa
      • Morton Koopa Jr.
      • Lemmy Koopa
      • Ludwig von Koopa
    • Enemies - Why would you even want to be them?
  • Worlds
    • Six main worlds
    • World Mushroom (between 2 and 3)
    • World Flower (between 4 and 5)
    • World Star (secret 9th world)
  • Power-ups
    • Super Mushroom - As usual, the Super Mushroom is in this game. It turns Mario into Super Mario, and allows him to use more power-ups such as the raccoon leaf, fire flower, etc.
    • Fire Flower - What would a Mario game be without a Fire Flower? It's back once again! It allows Mario to shoot fireballs at his enemies. It is effective against goombas, koopas, and most other enemies. All blocks, bosses, and certain enemies are unaffected by fireballs.
    • Super leaf - It made it's first appearance in Super Mario Bros. 3, and has been seen very few times since. The leaf allows Mario to attack certain enemies with his tail, including knock goombas out of his way, koopas upside down, and much more. If running at full speed, Mario/Luigi is able to fly for a limited time.
    • Gold Flowers - The gold flower turns Mario into Gold Mario, and Luigi into Silver Luigi. When Mario is Gold/Luigi is Silver, they can shoot golden fireballs. Golden fireballs turn brick blocks, and most enemies into coins. Any item block will be activated (meaning it will take the item out of its box). Jumping on an enemy with this item will turn that enemy into coins. If you beat a level as Gold Mario/Silver Luigi, they will be returned to Fire Mario/Luigi.
    • Star - Also known as the starman, it turns the player invincible for a very short time. Mario/Luigi are able to run right into enemies and kill them right away. They are not however able to break through bricks or blocks of any type. The player is still able to die if they fall off of a ledge, or into lava (I'm 99% sure).
    • Mega Mushroom - This item increases the size of Mario/Luigi many times. They are almost as tall as the screen, and are able to break almost everything in their path. Enemies are not able to hurt you, you break bricks simply by touching them, and you can stomp pipes farther into the ground. The only way to die is to fall off of a ledge. The effects of the Mega Mushroom do not last long.
    • Mini Mushroom - This item dramatically decreases the size of Mario/Luigi. When this size, the player is very fast, can jump much higher, can run on water, and even enter pipes that no one else can. However, one touch from any enemy, and you die. Mini Mario's ground-pound is equivalent to one regular jump of regular/Super Mario. Mario's size will stay this way until he gets a new power-up, or dies.
    • Invincibility leaf - This item only appears if the player dies five times in an uncompleted level. The item gives the player the abilities of both of Super leaf, AND the star at once, except the invincibility given by the Invincibility Leaf lasts the entire level. The only way to obtain it with Luigi (in single player) is by skipping levels with Mario, beating the game, playing as Luigi, and failing at those skipped levels. Note: Only certain levels can be skipped. For example, using cannons, or taking a certain path at a fork in the road.
  • New/Important Items:
    • 10 Gold Coins - A big coin that is worth 10 coins
    • 100 Gold Coins - A big coins that is worth 100 coins
    • Gold Mushroom - Gold mushrooms only appear in Coin Rush mode. They replace all of the 1-ups in the coin rush stages, and are worth 50 coins.
    • Gold Blocks - When Mario/Luigi find a multiple coin block (a seemingly regular block that turns out to have a lot of coins in it) and hit it many times, the block will turn golden, and then Mario/Luigi will wear it on his head, it resembles a pixelated version of their face. The head will continue to generate coins. The faster the player runs, the more coins will come out.
    • Gold Rings - When Mario passes through a regular ring, 8 red coins show up near-by, and Mario has to collect them all in time if he wants a power-up. If already powered up, he will receive a 1-up. Gold rings are nothing like this. They will turn Mario's enemies into golden enemies. When jumped on, these enemies produce even more coins. For example, jumping on a Koopa, and then kicking it's shell will leave a trail of coins behind it for you to collect.
    • Star Coins - Every level has 3 star coins. Star coins are used to unlock a number of things. In order to get to the secret 9th world, the player must collect a certain number of star coins. Whether your coin count is left unspent, or spent, the overall total is what determines when you unlock the secret world.
    • Moon Coins - Unknown
  • New Enemies
    • Golden Goomba/Koopa - A regular Goomba/Koopa, but it's golden. Only seen after activating a golden ring. 
    • Undead Goombas - Very similar to any normal goomba, and can be defeated very easily.
    • Undead Piranha plant - Cannot be killed by fire, only found in fortresses.
    • Super Undead Piranha Plant - Giant versions of Undead Piranha plants
    • Boohemoth - A huge boo which is found in a certain ghost house. It chases the player through the ghost house. Looking at it will cause it to cover its eyes and hide from Mario/Luigi. However, after a while, looking at it will become defective, and it will continue to chase the player.
    • Mini Urchins - Mini versions of those stupid underwater spikey creatures.
  • Bottom Screen
    • The bottom screen displays the same map that New Super Mario Bros. did.
    • The bottom screen still supports the back-up item.
DLC - As of now, here is what we can expect for DLC
  • Paid DLC - Reggie said that the DLC for this game would be paid DLC, meaning if you want it, you will have to purchase it. Hopefully they'll give out some free stuff, I mean, that'd be really nice of them...
  • New levels - Guess what, when we were told this news, they hadn't even started making the levels yet. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing. Hopefully it will keep us coming back for a lot of fun. They might even make new worlds!!
Other - Here's some other random stuff I couldn't put anywhere else.
  • The overall coin count of everyone will be recorded online via spotpass
  • If Mario/Luigi go to the top of the screen, out of site, the music will get quieter.
  • When wearing a Raccoon suit, light drum beats are added to the music. 
  • The P-Charge Bar returns from Super Mario Bros 3!
  • New Super Mario Bros. 2 was originally called New Super Mario Bros. Gold
  • New Super Mario Bros. 2 will be 2,950 blocks as a download
  • New Super Mario Bros. 2 was at one point the 4th most wanted game in Japan
  • New Super Mario Bros. 2 will cost $40 on the eShop and at retail.
Release Dates
  • Japan - July 28th, 2012
  • Europe - August 17th, 2012
  • Australia - August 18th, 2012
  • America - August 19th, 2012
  • Italy - August 25th, 2012
Websites - Here are the official websites!

Harmony of a Hunter Follow Up Coming Soon! + Happy 26th Metroid!

First of all, let me just say Happy Birthday to Samus, who is turning 26 today! Yep, on August 6th, 1986 the first Metroid game was released. It's been exactly 26 years! So last year, it was Metroid's 25th anniversary which is a big accomplishment for a series. However, Nintendo didn't do anything about it! Well, the guys over at Shine Sparkers ended up putting together a 2 disc CD of fan remixes of songs from the Metroid series. You can read about it and download it here. Well anyways, now that it's the 26th anniversary, the Shine Sparkers are preparing to release another CD as a follow-up of the first. It will include songs that didn't make it into the first CD as well as new remixes from artists that we haven't heard from before. It's gonna be pretty awesome. The only details we have about it that it will be a 2 Disc release, and will come out sometime later this year. The official Harmony of a Hunter website can be found by clicking here, and the official Facebook page can be seen here. You can follow Shine Sparkers on Twitter @Shinesparkers. I'm pretty excited for this!! Tell me if you are anticipating it. Here's a preview of what to expect.

Mexican Gymnast Speaks Out About Her Use of Zelda Medley + Kohei Uchimura of Konami Wins Gold!

My Awesome Sister is the Zelda Gymnast and Yes, She's a Lifelong GamerEarlier this week, we saw Elsa Garcia Rodriguez Blancas' Olympic performance where she used a Legend of Zelda Medley (composed and played by Lindsey Stirling). Well, just a few days ago, Elsa's sister made a post over at Kotaku regarding Elsa's reactions to our reactions! Turns out, Elsa is a long time gamer, and a big Zelda fan! On top of that, she's a huge fan of video game soundtrack music! How cool is that? According to Elsa's sister, here's what Elsa had to say:
I'm surprised that so many people have recognized the song...It's a win-win situation. I like the fact that gamers want more people to recognize beautiful game soundtracks and I want more people to get involved in gymnastics...This year I asked for my sister's help, because I was looking for a change of music for my floor routine and I wanted it to be something really special and different...At first I didn't recognize it but it sounded so familiar. Then it kinda grew on me and I loved the violin interpretation and how I could work my gymnastics styling with that kind of music...I thought of Link running around through the forest, mountains, caves, and how agile he is, it was funny to think that I was doing something similar but in my own way. I liked what it reminded me of: the whole concept of never giving up on my quest.
Gymnastics is a sport where we strive for perfection in every movement. So we have to do our skills over and over again until they are close to perfect, because there's always something we can better.
I want to thank everyone who has not only noticed me for my work and recently for my music, but also chose to notice the love I have for my sport and my country. I appreciate your support hope you enjoyed my performance. I wish I could have done better, but due to three injured fingers on both hands I was not at my best. I leave with a life experience of these Olympic Games and already have my mind set for Rio 2016. 
I am glad to have found new friends in the gaming community," she said. "It feels great to have your support. When I change my floor routine in the future I will gladly accept musical suggestions. All I can say is I hope that everyone can find a passion like I found gymnastics and work hard for your dreams no matter what. 
Pretty awesome huh? (Thanks to Kotaku for the quotes). It's too bad that she only got 35th (turned out she had some bad hand injuries). But I'm sure that I, and many others will be rooting for her in Rio 2016! I can't wait to see what she preforms to then! She is on twitter, and can be followed @_elsagarcia_.

Speaking of video games and the olympics, it turns out that Kohei Uchimura (who won the Gold metal of All Around Men's gymnastics) works at Konami (I'm unaware of what he does). He's also won 4 silver metals from this year, and his past year of olympics. I guess two other Konami employees have competed in the Olympics, but they weren't as succesful as Kohei Uchimura. Regardless, that's pretty cool! Tell me what you think of Elsa Garcia and Kohei Uchimura! Good luck to them in the future whether it be this year, or four from now. Until next everybody!

Toki Tori Contest! For North America, Europe, and Australia! (Toki Tori TBR in North America Soon!)

Edit: Looks like Toki Tori will be hitting the American eShop soon! Read below!
Two Tribes, the developers of Toki Tori are holding a contest for those of us in North America, Europe, and Australia! The contest is being held over at Nintendo Life, and it's extremely easy. (Read below for how to enter, and how to win). There will be 11 winners. The 1st place winner receives a factory sealed copy of the GameBoy Color Toki Tori, a Toki Tori shirt, and a download code for the 3DS version in the eShop. The other 10 winners will receive the shirt, and the download code for the eShop. I'm confused as to why the Americans can enter if this game isn't in the American eShop yet. Maybe it's a hint that it's coming soon? The contest is being held on Nintendo Life, one of the sites I looked up to when I first started making this site. Anyways, it's pretty cool that Two Tribes is doing a contest like this, here is the official description, followed by the question that they want you to answer:
To celebrate the Euro release of the fantastically addictive Toki Tori on 3DS Virtual Console, Two Tribes and Nintendo Life are pleased to offer European, Australian and North American readers the chance to win a sealed copy of the game for Game Boy Color. How to win? All you have to do is answer the simple question below as creatively as possible. Good Luck!
And for the official question: 
Where does Toki Tori come from? (be creative with your answer)
To enter, all you have to do is make an account at Nintendo Life and then go to this link, and fill out your entry. It ends on August 9th, so hurry up! For those of you who don't win (and are in Europe/Australia), the game is only £3.60 on the eShop!! Hopefully it will be coming to America soon! Good luck to those of you who choose to enter!
On Twitter, I asked Two Tribes (@TwoTribesGames) if us in America would be seeing Toki Tori in the eShop any time soon, and they didn't directly reply, but they did tweet this, and I can only imagine that they were responding to my tweet:

Well, looks like we're in luck Americans! Although it is possible that this was a response to someone else, but I highly, highly doubt that. Be sure to follow Two Tribes @TwoTribesGames on Twitter, as well as the Nintendo Kingdom @KingdomNintendo, NOT NINTYKINGDOM.

Mario Tennis Open: All Yoshi QR Codes!!

Gotta catch 'em all, right? Oh come on, that doesn't apply to only Pokemon! Anyways, recently all of the Yoshi QR codes have been released for both America and Europe. I'm sure that a few of you have picked up the Mario Tennis Open, so I figured that a few of you were bound to have picked it up. If you haven't got all of the colored Yoshi's yet, here's your chance! Oh yeah! For those of you in the American Region, you also get the Yoshi costume for Miis, and Metal Mario! If you are in the European region, click here. You'll be redirected to the official Nintendo of Europe page where a video is shown with all of the QR codes. For those of you in America, just scan the QR codes in each of the following pictures! (Taken from the official Nintendo of America site!)
Mario Tennis Open QR Code

Mario Tennis Open QR Code

Mario Tennis Open QR Code

Mario Tennis Open QR Code

Mario Tennis Open QR Code

Mario Tennis Open QR Code

Mario Tennis Open QR Code

Mario Tennis Open QR Code

Mario Tennis Open QR Code

Well there you go! If you are wondering where exactly these QR codes have been before, here's a list:
  • Black Yoshi could be found at gamestop stores!
  • Red Yoshi could be found on IGN.com
  • Blue Yoshi was voted on by loyal fans of Nintendo's facebook page!
  • Light Blue Yoshi could be found on Toysrus.com
  • Pink Yoshi could be found on GamesRadar.com
  • Yellow Yoshi could be found on Joystiq.com
  • White Yoshi could be found in the July 2012 Issue of Nintendo Power
  • The Yoshi Mii Costume could be found on Club Nintendo
  • Metal Mario could be found on Nintendo's official Facebook page!
Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Please let us know if we were helpful!

Message from Satoru Iwata

Earlier today, David, who works over at the Nintendo 3DS Blog informed us about a message that Satoru Iwata (president and CEO of Nintendo) has just released. It relates to what we can expect from the 3DS, Wii U, and Nintendo Network!

I'm not sure why the text is so small, it's kind of annoying, but whatever. It's pretty nice to hear from him, you know? At least we know that Nintendo does care about it's fans, and is doing everything they can to make us happy. The only issue that I have with them making games for "everyone" is how that takes away from us long-time gamers. To be honest, all of these new Mario games are starting to suck. They're just getting to easy, and there isn't enough content in them. And all of the attention that Mario games get take away from other franchises we want, like Zelda, or Metroid, or F-Zero... I have a good feeling that this is just a hard time for Nintendo, and that things will get better.

Nintendo's Hardware is Dominating Japanese Sales

It was only 5 days ago that the Nintendo 3DS XL and New Super Mario Bros. 2 were released. On August 1st, the Japanese sales charts were released, and the 3DS XL had sold over 190,000 units, while New Super Mario Bros. 2 end up selling 430,185 copies. Keep in mind, that does not account for the digitital copies that were sold. By now over 500,000 copies have probably been sold. While these sale numbers sound great, they only get better. Of the top 10 best selling games of last week six of them are for Nintendo consoles/handhelds. Let's take a look at the charts:
  • [3DS] 01. New Super Mario Bros. 2 (Nintendo, 07.28.2012): 430,185 (NEW)
  • [PS3] 02. Persona 4 Arena (Atlus, 07.26.2012): 117,318 (NEW)
  • [PSP] 03. Nayuta no Kiseki (Falcom, 07.26.2012): 83,836 (NEW)
  • [WII] 04. Just Dance Wii 2 (Nintendo, 07.26.2012): 61,382 (NEW)
  • [NDS] 05. Pokemon Black & White 2 (Pokemon, 06.23.2012): 61,116 (2,474,123)
  • [PSP] 06. Super Danganronpa 2 (Spike Chunsoft, 07.26.2012): 59,112 (NEW)
  • [3DS] 07. Demon Training (Nintendo, 07.28.2012): 46,528 (NEW)
  • [WII] 08. Kirby 20th Anniversary Special Collection (Nintendo, 07.19.2012): 31,324 (131,720)
  • [PSP] 09. Digimon World Redigitize (Namco Bandai, 07.19.2012): 29,877 (103,345)
  • [3DS] 10. Kobito Zukan Kobito Kansatsu Set (Columbia, 07.26.2012): 26,146 (NEW) 
The list goes down to 30, and even then, 18 of which were from Nintendo platforms. Pretty impressive if you ask me. And I also wanted to show off the sales of the gaming platforms themselves...especially with the 3DS XL released just days ago. (The numbers in (parentheses) are the sales figures of last week):
  • Nintendo 3DS: 235,974 (44,202)
  • PlayStation 3: 18,160 (16,232)
  • PlayStation Portable: 14,029 (13,199)
  • PlayStation Vita: 9,081 (10,103)
  • Wii: 10,549 (8,729)
  • Xbox 360: 632 (594)
  • Nintendo DSi: 496 (545)
  • PlayStation 2: 439 (414)
Let me just add on that all of the competetors sales of this week (better than last weeks) don't even add up to the 3DS sales of last week (before the XL was released)! 439(PS2)+632(XBOX)+9,081(PSV)+14,029(PSP)+18,160(PS3)=42,341 units. Haha, that's awesome. Nintendo is dominating over in Japan! Oh yeah, and to all of those SONY fans who said that the Vita was gonna kill the 3DS, look, it's getting beaten by it's OWN PREDECESSOR (the PSP)! I'm sorry, I had to say that. Well, this was yet another triumphant week for us Nintendo fans. Long live Nintendo!
Expect more posts relating to sale figures of the past weeks! I'm thinking about doing them every Wednesday (sense that's when they are released). Thanks to http://andriasang.com/ for the sales figures! Until next time everybody!