Exclusive: Interview with Member of The Fire Emblem 12 Translation Team

Check out this exclusive interview with one of the main 3 translators on the Fire Emblem 12 translation team!

Fire Emblem Awakening Wallpaper Featuring Official Logo

With the official logo of Fire Emblem Awakening having just been released, we decided to make a wallpaper out of it after adding a few neat little effects to it. Download it for free right here!

Get Ready for the Twilight Symphony!!

Zelda Reorchestrated, also known as ZREO is getting closer and closer to the release of their amazing new album, the Twilight Symphony. This 3 and a half hour album will feature over 50 songs from the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess all fully reorchestrated.

New Super Mario Bros. 2 Info!

Here's everything you need to know about New Super Mario Bros. 2! If you're still debating whether or not you're gonna get this game, you really need to read this post!

Awesome Fan-Made F-Zero 3DS Trailer

Note: This is not a real product, only a fan-made trailer.
Alright, well I dunno if you guys remember my post about Pablo Belmonte, but the creator of the video on this post might as well be his son. YouTube user Jan3d recently uploaded a seemingly real F-Zero trailer on the 3DS. The trailer seems totally official and looked like something Nintendo would make. Sadly, the trailer was fanmade, and as of now, we have no official word whether or not an F-Zero title will be coming to the 3DS... Oh well, at least we can watch this and hope.

Review: PilotWings Resort 3D

Pilotwings Resort was the first game I played on a 3DS. I remember how amazing the 3D looked for the first time. I ran around showing everyone in my family, some of my friends. Everyone was interested, and almost looked sad when I took it away from them. Pilotwings was a very good demonstration of what the 3DS was capable of. Well, at least when it comes to the 3D effect.

Pilotwings has 2 different modes: Mission Flight Mode and Free Flight Mode. In both modes, the player has the choice to fly around in a plane (very similar to Wii Sports Resort), a jetpack, or a hang glider. In Mission Flight Mode, the objective is to complete the mission without running out of fuel, crashing, and do it in a certain amount of time. Once completed, the game will evaluate the player and give him/her a score out of 3 stars on how well they did. The more stars they get, the better. These stars are used to unlock more missions later in the game. There are 6 different difficulty levels.

  1. Training - This simply helps the player get a feel for the game
  2. Bronze - Bronze is the easiest of the REAL modes. The challenges focus on simple things like flying in the right direction, landing, etc.
  3. Silver - Silver introduces more creative and interesting challenges to the game. Some include things like following a car with balloons generating out of it, and the player must follow the car, while dodging obstacles, and shoot down as many balloons as he or she can.
  4. Gold - Gold is seemingly the last difficulty in the game, especially with how hard some of the challenges become. Challenges include things like putting out fires, delivering packages, gliding for 3 minutes, etc.
  5. Platinum - Platinum was created to give the game a longer play time, but also to challenge the more advanced players. Challenges get much harder in this difficulty. The player must complete a certain number of missions in order to unlock this mode.
  6. Diamond - Throughout the past 3 difficulties, 3 new vehicles were introduced: Turbo Jet, Rocket Belt, and the Petal Glider. The Diamond missions are the 3 most extreme challenges, using these 3 vehicles. Despite how hard they are, they are extremely fun.
The other mode is free flight, which is extremely similar to the Wii Sports Resort Free Flight mini-game. The player can do whatever they want, whether it be finding new locations, or flying through stunt rings (in the plane), finding trophies (jetpack), or gliding through golden rings (hang glider). Once the player has unlocked the Turbo Jet/Rocket Belt/Petal Glider, he/she can fly with them on Free Flight Mode as well. Once the player flys through enough stunt rings/finds enough trophies/glides through golden rings, he/she unlocks 3D dioramas to look at.

Overall, Pilotwings Resort really isn't anything special. Even someone new to gaming would probably be able to complete a majority of the missions in under 5 hours. I have clocked in 19 hours, but a lot of it was from sleep mode, and letting friends/family members play it. The 3D effect of the game was awesome, definitely of the best I've seen, but the gameplay doesn't last long enough, there is no multiplayer, and the music gets pretty annoying after a while. While the dioramas are a nice add on, they get boring after about 1 minute of looking at them. On top of that, there is no spotpass or streetpass support. The game is fun, while it lasts, but after that, it's just another game on the shelf.

FE: Awakening Info & Character Artwork!!

Fire Emblem is by far my favorite franchise, and watching Nintendo taunt us with a new Fire Emblem game is making me go crazy. The game itself looks awesome, and due to it's awesomeness I just had to make this post. This post talks about a lot of the specs and stuff in the game, but don't worry, there will be no spoilers regarding the story. Also, at the bottom of the page, you can look at all of the character artwork AND the DLC artwork. Anyways, let's get started:
Returning Features:
  • The player can interact with the map. (Returning from the Sacred Stones)
  • Characters get special skills (Returning from Radiant Dawn)
  • Weapon forging
  • A customizable character (Returning from Fire Emblem 12, only in Japan)
New Features:
  • Customizable Unit (Yeah, it was in Fire Emblem 12, but that was Japan exclusive, so I consider it new)
    • The player determines
      • Gender
      • Appearance
        • 3 body sizes
        • 5 eyes (per body size)
        • 5 hairstyles (per body size)
        • 20 hair colors (per body size)
        • 5 voices (per gender)
      • Name
      • Birthday
      • Best Stat
      • Worst Stat
      • Starting Class is Strategist, but can change using a Change Seal
      • Can support every character (excluding downloaded/DLC characters)
  • Certain allies can marry each other (can only be between a man and a women)
    • Units get married after enough supports
    • Once married, they have kids who can fight in battle alongside them (later in the game)
    • Children resemble their parents
    • Base stats and growth rates are inherited (children level up similarly to parents)
  • Dual team your foes!
    • When an ally is next to another ally who is attacking, the attacking ally benefits (Dual)
      • Things such as...
        • A boost to their stats
        • Extra defense
        • (With enough support conversations) follow up attack
    • More supports = more benefits
  • Double team your foes!
    • Allows two units to join together on map
    • Similar to rescuing a unit (i.e. The Sacred Stones)
    • The carrier is benefited by the unit he/she is carrying
  • New Classes!!
    • Strategist (Customizable unit's class) (promotes to Grandmaster)
    • Grandmaster
    • Battle Cleric
    • Battle Monk
    • Trickster
    • Taguel
    • Dark Pegasus
    • Dark Knight
    • Griffon Knight
    • Overlord
    • Star Lord
  • Change Seal
    • Allows a unit to change classes (not to upgrade)
    • Can be used when a unit is level 10+ (non promoted class) or level 1-9 (promoted class)
    • Characters can't switch to EVERY class...
      • Restricted by the characters personality/upbrining
    • Units can continuously change classes, allowing them to gain more stats and skills
    • A promoted class can switch back to a non-promoted class (i.e. Night --> General --> Knight)
  • Once the 3DS recieves spotpass data, a box labeled "Download Box" will appear in the game
  • When the player opens the box, he/she will see what can be downloaded
  • New episodes, maps and characters can be downloaded
  • Nintendo has confirmed that around 120 characters will be distributed via Spotpass (about 1 per day)
  • The characters will appear on the map similarly to the way streetpassed units appear on the map
  • They can be hired by either recruiting them, or defeating them
  • Each player is allowed to form a squad of up to 10 units on their 3DS.
  • The player is allowed to create a greeting message for streetpass
  • When you streetpass someone else who plays Fire Emblem Awakening, you're squads are exchanged
  • The other player's squad shows up on the world map as a green (neutral) unit
  • The player can purchase goods, recruit the other player's customized unit, or even challenge them
  • After interacting with the squad, it will disapear
Downloadable Content
  • Downloadable content provides new maps, episodes, and characters (from old games)
  • Some content is free, some the player is required to pay.
  • Most DLC is recieved via Spotpass
  • Free characters:
    • Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu
      • Siglud
      • Diadora
      • Cuan
      • Ethlin
      • Arden
      • Ira
      • Jamka
      • Rackesis
      • Levn
      • Alvis
    • Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon
      • Marth
      • Shiida (Caeda)
      • Ogma
      • Nabarl (Navarre)
      • Merric
      • Nyna
      • Linde
      • Minerva
      • Tiki
      • Gharnef
    • Fire Emblem: Fūin no Tsurugi
      • Roy
      • Lilina
      • Wolt
      • Thany
      • Lugh
      • Lleu
      • Cecilia
      • Sophia
      • Percival
      • Zephiel
    • Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
      • Innes
    • Fire Emblem: Gaiden
      • Clea
  • Paid DLC:
    • Marth from Fire Emblem: Ankoku Ryū to Hikari no Tsurugi
    • Alm from Fire Emblem Gaiden
    • Celice from Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu
    • Leaf from Fire Emblem: Thracia 776
    • Roy from Fire Emblem: Fūin no Tsurugi
    • Ephraim from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
    • Elincia from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
    • Micaiah from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
That took forever to type...But it sounds so awesome doesn't it?? Here's some artwork. I don't have all of it, mainly because I couldn't find all of it, and not everything has been released yet. For a few other images, click here.
Main Characters

Krom    Liz    Emelina    Frederick    Callum    Ronku

Sol  Miriel  Vake  Richt  Mariabel

Basilio     Flavia     Velvet     Viole    Gangrel

Inverse      Tiamo      Donny      Anna      Valhart      Tiki
Sumia     Sairi     Gaia     Sariya     Fauder
DLC Characters

Roy   Marth   Ephraim   Leaf   Arum   Micaiah

I litterally spent hours writing/formatting this post. If you would be so kind as to just comment, or send someone else this link, I would be very greatful. I really hope this game comes to North America (and Europe!), and if you do as well, please sign this petition!! Pass it around, do whatever. Thank you! I also plan to upload the soundtrack and the OST for this game at some point. And if Nintendo announces that it is coming to America, I will make a few wallpapers!! So sign that damn petition!!
Special thanks to Serene's Forest and the Fire Emblem Wikia for information, images, and excitement!

Review: Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones (GBA)

Scroll to Bottom for Soundtrack
I really have to thank Nintendo for wasting my $90, because if it weren't for them, I wouldn't have discovered this masterpiece. If you were a 3DS ambassador (meaning you bought the device before the price drop), you were given 20 free games (10 NES, 10 GBA). Among these games was Fire Emblem the Sacred Stones.

Growing up, I had never played a Fire Emblem game. The only reason I knew about the franchise was because of Super Smash Brothers Brawl (with Marth and Ike). Although strangely enough, Ike had become one of my favorite characters. I also had a few friends who enjoyed the series, and always talked about how good it is, but I could never talk with them about it, mainly because I never played one before. Well, once the GBA ambassador games finally arrived, I noticed Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones was among them, so I thought, "I guess I'll try it."

When I first turned the game on, I had no idea what to expect. I remember hearing the opening theme, which instantly put a smile on my face. After hearing about 45 seconds of it, I started the game. The first thing I noticed was how generic the graphics were. They weren't anything special. As a matter of fact, I actually mocked the portraits of the characters. Thankfully, the graphics were the worst thing about the game. The story was interesting from the start, and the dialogue wasn't the same kid-friendly dialogue you would hear in a Mario or a Kirby game. (It's not vulgar, but it uses stronger words).


The story of the game was truly fantastic. The back story is extremely similar to Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. In both games, legendary heroes used the stones/crystal stars to lock up some demon, but then in the time the game takes place, some villains basically want to bring it back for some reason. As the story goes on, you meet more characters, from different countries. Each character has a specific personality, and is fighting for a personal cause. Some fight for honor, money, revenge, power, etc.

Although my favorite thing about the characters is the support conversations. All of the characters can have conversations, although only specific characters can do it with other specific characters. (So Character A can have a support convo with character B but not character C). The support conversations can be funny, or sad, or even inspirational. The great part is, each character can only have 5 support conversations per game (even though there are over 20 possible support conversations per character). So, you really have to decide how to use those supports. If the player has certain support conversations with other characters, it might affect that characters ending. 

One other great thing about the story of the game is the choice the player must make about half way through the game. Whichever path the player chooses will affect the rest of the game, including the stages, story, and difficulty of the game. I must say, both paths are very interesting.


The strategy part of the game was also awesome. If you try to get through the game without losing any characters on hard mode, it will take you a LONG time (but if you can do it, you're awesome). The strategy part of the game relies on several differing factors: Characters, Weapons, Luck, and of course Plan of Attack.

Characters/character classes are probably the most important thing in the game. Each character class has a different speciality. For example, fliers are unaffected by terrain, and can travel far distances, although they are very weak against archers. Knights are very strong, both offensively and defensively, but extremely slow, and weak against magic attacks. There are many different character classes, each much different than the others. The great thing is, once a character gains enough experience, they level up, and become even better! So a knight for example, could turn into either a great knight or a general. Leveling up allows the characters to use more weapons, grow stronger (offensively, and defensively), and their weaknesses being to go away. For example, a knight would become faster.

On top of characters, weapons are also very important. Firstly, a weapon can only be used a certain amount of times. Once past it's limit, it breaks and becomes unusable. But what's even better is that certain weapons are extremely effective against certain opponents. For example, an armorslayer is extremely strong against knights, while swordslayers are very strong against someone wielding a sword. Other weapons are designed to boost critical rates.

Speaking of critical attacks, luck is also a major key in the game. Luck comes into play when talking about critical hits, and dodging. A critical hit is a rare event that does 3x as much damage as a regular attack. They come at completely random times, and are very rare, but very useful. Dodging is when an opponent doesn't quite hit your character (meaning they don't deal any damage). Unfortunately, both critical hits and dodging backfire on the player as enemies are capable of both as well.  

The final factor of strategy comes into play when talking about plan of attack. Are you going to split your troops up, or stay in a group? Are you going to send the units that can move farther above, and leave the others to deal with re-enforcements? And how are you going to get the bad units on your team? (There are certain units that will actually switch over to your team if you talk to them with the right person. Although sometimes this can be very difficult).

Overall, the game Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones is a true masterpiece. The only problem is the graphics, but then again, this was a GBA game, and an RPG, graphics are the least you need to worry about. Besides, the game play, story, and choices the player has to make are all incredible. I've clocked in over 160 hours of this single title, and played through it at least 3 times. The greatest thing is, even once you beat it, you can still go around and play through the Tower of Valni, and the Lagdou ruins unlocking more characters that you couldn't unlock earlier in the game. I was truly impressed by how much effort the developers put into the game. I mean they have 3 different support conversations for each pair of characters that are capable of having a support conversation. Plus they made the ending of the story different depending on the path the player takes, and the story was really deep. I can easily say this game found it's way into my top 5 favorite games of all time.
This game was so great, I just wanted to show my love for it by posting it's soundtrack here. The songs were recorded directly from the sound room, so there is nothing interfereing with the music. Here are the downloads. Enjoy! Until next time...~JTA777

Bored of Smash Bros? Maybe This Will Help!!

 Super Smash Brothers Brawl used to be of the greatest games ever, especially for Nintendo fans like you and I. But over time, it lost it's thrill, and it just doesn't seem as great as it used to be. Face it, you know you don't like it as much as the first day you opened that case and put it in. Besides, the game is over 4 years old. The worst part is, at E3 2011, Nintendo announced that a new Smash Bros is coming to the Wii U, but it HASN'T EVEN BEEN STARTED YET... Now, we have heard some rumours about the game, but it probably won't be another 2-4 years before we can actually get our hands on the game for ourselves. It seems like all hope is lost... But wait, there's a sliver of hope! Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you...TEXTURE HACKING!!!

So what is texture hacking? Well, texture hacking basically allows the user to change a character of their choice into something else, but editting the texture. For example, I could turn Peach into Rosalina. If I wanted to take it a little farther, I could change Link into MegaMan Zero (how awesome is that?)!! Or even changing Snake into the Joker (the one from Batman). Now if you are one of those lazy people who don't want to do it yourselves, that's okay, because there are several websites that allow users to upload their texture hacks for you to use and download!! Unless you really want to make something that you haven't seen yet, you probably won't have to do anything besides download the texture you want.
But it's not limited to just characters. You can also alter stages, assist trophies, audio, items, music, and more! I've seen some people playing on Rainbow Road, and other's playing on the Hyrule Castle. The changes you can make to Brawl are almost limitless. Some people have taken these ideas to the extremes, and made longer courses, and more dangerous courses, and even some of their own (that make the stage builder stages look like crap).

So how do you use these texture hacks you ask? Well, this time I'm not going to make a tutorial, but there are tons online. The one thing I will warn you about, is that you need is the homebrew channel, and Gecko OS. There are tons of ways to do this, so I'm not gonna link any tutorials to that because of all the different ways to do it. But make sure that you are using a somewhat reliable source. Good luck with that, but when it comes to texture hacking, HERE IS A GOOD TUTORIAL ON HOW TO DO IT: CLICK HERE!!!

So the last thing you're probably wondering is where you can get your hands on these texture hacks themselves? Well, there are tons of websites, but my personal favorite is THE BRAWL VAULT. It's extremely easy to navigate around, and there is tons of stuff. Just google SSBB texture hacks or [CHARACTER NAME HERE] Brawl texture hack, or something like that. Good luck!
Disclaimer: Texture hacking is considered illegal. Although the chances of some one who is going to break into your house and check your Wii for hacks is extremely small. Even then, the penalties are minor.

Update Regarding the Next Few Weeks

Alright, so I am really sorry that I haven't been posting lately, it's the last week of school, so we're doing all of our final projects, and getting ready for finals, so that's why I haven't been posting. Once school is out, I'll be posting a TON, up until June 4th that is. Why June 4th you ask? Well I'm actually leaving for vacation on June 4th, and I'll be gone for around 2 weeks. But don't worry, I have a plan. I will be scheduling certain posts to upload at certain times (yes, it is possible). The only issue is, I won't be able to talk about anything E3 related until I get back, which will be on June 17th. I was really hoping on making tons of posts regarding stuff that Nintendo shows off at E3, but you know how things work... I wasn't really planning on covering everything anyway, only the stuff that appealed to me. So, when I get back from vacation, here are some things you can expect to hear about (assuming there are announcements regarding these topics)...
  • Paper Mario 3DS
  • Fire Emblem Awakening
  • Project X Zone
  • The Wii U
  • 3DS Software Updates
  • New Demos
  • eShop stuff
  • Anything else I feel like talking about
But like I said, I won't really be posting any of this until the end of June...But until then, what can you expect? Well, here is what I have planned (List will be updated as time get's closer to June 4th). Sorry it's not completed yet, I'm still thinking of what posts I'm gonna write. You can expect a few downloads, reviews, and other news.

Some events may change
  • June 4th - Post to Prepare You For E3
  • June 5th - E3 Confrence to be held (No Post)
  • June 6th - Portable GameCubes
  • June 7th - Gerudo Valley Remixes/Covers
  • June 8th - Nothing
  • June 9th - Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Soundtrack RE-UPLOADED
  • June 10th - Pokédex 3D Review
  • June 11th - Nothing
  • June 12th - 3D Classics: ExciteBike Review
  • June 13th - Nothing
  • June 14th - Official Mario Quiz by Nintendo
  • June 15th - Nintendo Patents
  • June 16th - TBA
  • June 17th - TBA

Bring Fire Emblem Awakening to America!!

As a lot of you know, Nintendo recently announced a new Fire Emblem game, known as Fire Emblem Awakening, (also known as Kakusei in Japan). About a month ago, the game was released in Japan. Nintendo did say that there would be a 2012 release for those in Europe, but they haven't said anything about it coming to North America. The only thing Nintendo did do that could mean anything is register http://www.fireemblemawakening.com/, but that only redirects to the official Nintendo website. So, today I have made a petition for those of us who want to see this game in North America. So please click here to sign the petition! And even if you don't really want the game, please sign it anyway. Please spread this petition around as much as possible! Please email friends, share on twitter, facebook, google plus, anything! Please post on your websites. Anything to get signatures. We need this game, and we need it ASAP. We are trying to gather 100,000 signatures before Christmas (if it isn't released until then for some weird reason). So please sign this petition, and move it around as much as possible. We appreciate your support!