Exclusive: Interview with Member of The Fire Emblem 12 Translation Team

Check out this exclusive interview with one of the main 3 translators on the Fire Emblem 12 translation team!

Fire Emblem Awakening Wallpaper Featuring Official Logo

With the official logo of Fire Emblem Awakening having just been released, we decided to make a wallpaper out of it after adding a few neat little effects to it. Download it for free right here!

Get Ready for the Twilight Symphony!!

Zelda Reorchestrated, also known as ZREO is getting closer and closer to the release of their amazing new album, the Twilight Symphony. This 3 and a half hour album will feature over 50 songs from the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess all fully reorchestrated.

New Super Mario Bros. 2 Info!

Here's everything you need to know about New Super Mario Bros. 2! If you're still debating whether or not you're gonna get this game, you really need to read this post!

DOWNLOADS REMOVED Xenoblade OST Download!!


Fire Emblem Awakening!!

One of my favorite gaming franchises probably has to be the Fire Emblem franchise. I actually wasn't even a fan up until just recently when I played Fire Emblem the Sacred Stones, which I fell in love with. Now, I am more hyped than any human for this game. Here, take a look at the trailer...

That was pretty sick huh? Well, it's going to be released in mid April in Japan, which means that it will probably be hitting America and Europe not to much later. Here is the Japanese box art for the game...

I can't wait much longer...Inteligent systems has NEVER let me down. I can't wait to see how this game comes out. Feel free to tell us what you think in the comments! Until next time... ~JTA

Nintendo News!

Hey everybody, it's been a whlie sense I've had a post like this. This post is just about some of the upcoming games and stuff that are in store for us in 2012!! So, earlier today, each region had a short (15 minute or less video confrence) via Nintendo Direct (if you are in the NoA region, you can view it here: http://www.nintendo.com/nintendo_direct ). So what did we hear about?

The first thing we heard about was Dillon's Rolling Western. This will be a downloadable title for the Nintendo 3DS. It will use the 3D display. The game is about some Armadillo who is in the west and fighting off...rocks. Yeah, pretty weird. The game seems pretty cool, although I personally don't think it will be a very big success. But hey, who am I to judge?

We also heard about Kid Icarus - Uprising. If you haven't heard of this game yet, what kind of Nintendo fan are you? Well, if you remember Pit from Super Smash Bros Brawl, it's basically one of his games (he had a different one earlier way back in the 8-bit days). The game really does look amazing, and I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it did become one of the top selling games. It looks great, I really hope I can get my hands on it.

After a while, they moved onto Mario Tennis Open. So this game is obviously a Mario Tennis game, which honestly seems like Nintendo's way of just trying to get more money. I have played the 64 version, and a little bit of the GameCube version. Yeah, they were fun, but they don't even compare to the Mario Strikers and Mario Baseball series'. I have nothing against Tennis, I just wonder why Nintendo decided to make a Mario Tennis game over a new Mario Baseball or Mario Stikers. Well, either way, the new wi-fi and stuff should keep you occupied for a while.

Now onto the good stuff. XENOBLADE CHRONICLES WILL BE COMING TO NORTH AMERICA!! It will be here on April 6th. I actually have no idea what the game is about, but for some reason, I want it. It will avalible on the Wii consol. Oh, and speaking of Xenoblade Chronicles...


The last news that we heard about was The Last Story" by the Final Fantasy creators on the Nintendo Wii. Unfortunately, we do not know a release date for this game yet, but it looks so freakin' awesome. The game has incredible graphics, and I hope I can try this out. The game seriously looks awesome!

Well that's about it... Um, I have nothing else to say, but I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and check back later for the XENOBLADE CHRONICLES OST (91 TRACKS)!! ~JTA

Putting 3D Videos on 3DS Video Tutorial

Yeah, I made a video tutorial pretty quick. I was really sick when I made the video, so if you can't understand me or I say things that don't make sense, now you'll know why. I'm gonna remake this video sooner or later, but for now, this is it:


How To Put A 3D Video On Your Nintendo 3DS!!


Everyone, this could be the greatest news this month! I have found a way to put 3D videos onto the Nintendo 3DS!! (Well, I didn't figure it out but I found someone who did, and now I'm gonna show you how!) It is extremely easy, I'd say even easier than putting 3D Images on Your 3DS!! So let's begin!! You only need 3 things:
Now, to actually put the video onto your 3DS...

DOWNLOADS REMOVED Complete Super Mario Galaxy Soundtrack

Hey everybody, sorry I've been gone for so long, things have been REALLY buisy lately (and they are still extremely buisy). I won't be posting very often, and I'm very sorry about that. Although, that does give me a good oportunity to ask for anyone who does want to write posts and other stuff on this blog. I could really use it...If your interested, contact me.

But that's not what this post is about. Sense I've been gone for so long (and will probably won't be posting much until Summer rolls around), I decided to give you guys the Super Mario Galaxy Soundtrack for FREE!! I know that I shouldn't be giving something that awesome away for free, but I figured, why not? So if you want it just click on the link below: