VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE *Regular Viewers Should Read*

From this point forward, most everything on this site will be changing. If you are a regular viewer, I suggest reading!

Because of everything that's going on I have almost no time to do anything on this site anymore. However, I am NOT leaving. I, along with IkeFE will continue to update this site, but we can't promise that it'll be very often. We will NO LONGER be posting anything on upcoming games, current Nintendo News, or anything else of that sort. From here on out, here is what you can expect to see from us:
  • "Legal" Stuff To Share
    • Recently I had to take many of the soundtrack downloads off of this site because of some potential legal issues (no, nothing bad happened). However, I still want to share stuff with you guys, and I know you like it as much. For that reason alone, I will find some stuff that's still legal to share, and upload it as much as I can. For example, the Mutant Mudds Soundtrack has it's own Bandcamp page where you can download in any format for whatever price you wish (even if that's $0).
  • Wallpapers
    • The whole idea of wallpapers is really what got this site started in the first place. I will continue to create them in hope that I can get better and more recognition for them, and of course give you guys something.
  • Fan Works
    • I'm all about helping others, and helping them get more popularity. If you remember a while back, I made a post that was all about ShineSparkers and their fan made Soundtrack known as Harmony of a Hunter which was made as in honor of the Metroid sereies' 25th anniversary. I also recently posted an interview with the Heroes of Shadow (Fire Emblem 12 Translation Team). I want to help support projects like this and help them earn a little more recognition.
  • Interviews
    • I haven't posted very many interviews on this site, but I hope that will change. The cool thing about interviews is that you get to learn more about someone in a way you never really did before. And again, it not only benefits those of you who come on and read them, but it also gives the interviewee a little more recognition. 
  • Reviews (?)
    • Though we don't post a lot, I think we will be posting a few reviews, more-so to make an excuse to make a post than to actually share anything with you. But hey, and extra opinion on something can never really hurt can it?
  • Fire Emblem Stuff
    •  'Cos we're Fire Emblem Die-hards and we would die if we didn't :P
  • Rarely - Nintendo News
    • And this only accounts for extremely important things, such as Nintendo Directs, or a new gaming system. But other than that, don't expect much relating to current stuff. 
  • Random Stuff
    • By random stuff, I don't mean spam or lame crap that you don't wanna read. If you really wanna know, go to the ARCHIVE section on this site, and click just about anywhere in 2011 and just look at the posts we made. That type of stuff is what you can expect. It'll probably benefit you more though. For example, I'll show you a fan made Zelda film, or a MegaMan painting, or something for you to actually benefit from in some way.
Well that's it. I hope you guys understand. We could always use another writer or two, so if you are interested, please comment, email me, anything works! Thanks so much, have a nice day!


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