New Super Mario Bros. 2 Official Wallpapers & Commercial (US)

Recently, some New Super Mario Bros. 2 Official (meaning I didn't make them) wallpapers were released. The sizes you can get them in are 800x600  1024x768 1280x1024 and 1920x1200. There are 3 different wallpapers you can get. The first featuring the group artwork, the second featuring pikes of coins, and the last featuring Gold Mario & Silver Luigi! All wallpapers can be seen below. The previews I'm showing are sized at 1280x1024. For all sizes, click here.


On top of all of that. Nintendo has released an official trailer for New Super Mario Bros. 2 in the US. The trailer is pretty creative. I guess you could say Nintendo has been making better commercials over the years (watch the Super Mario Sunshine commercial to see what I mean). Anyways, here it is. Tell me what you thnk in the comments!


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