Exclusive: Interview with Member of The Fire Emblem 12 Translation Team

Check out this exclusive interview with one of the main 3 translators on the Fire Emblem 12 translation team!

Fire Emblem Awakening Wallpaper Featuring Official Logo

With the official logo of Fire Emblem Awakening having just been released, we decided to make a wallpaper out of it after adding a few neat little effects to it. Download it for free right here!

Get Ready for the Twilight Symphony!!

Zelda Reorchestrated, also known as ZREO is getting closer and closer to the release of their amazing new album, the Twilight Symphony. This 3 and a half hour album will feature over 50 songs from the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess all fully reorchestrated.

New Super Mario Bros. 2 Info!

Here's everything you need to know about New Super Mario Bros. 2! If you're still debating whether or not you're gonna get this game, you really need to read this post!

Incomplete Super Mario 3D Land Website Up

Super Mario 3D Land seems to get better and better every time we hear about it right? Well, I was being bored as legally possible so I headed over to the Nintendo website, and I found this. The extremely incomplete-you-can't-do-anything on Super Mario 3D Land website! Sadly, you really can't do anything on it, because the full site is coming "soon". Lets see how long that takes. If you're interested click on the following link: http://supermario3dland.nintendo.com/

Please check out my Custom Super Mario 3D Land Wallpapers if you have a chance. At least take a look, it really means a lot. Thanks for reading, I'll talk to you guys later!

New - Super Mario 3D Land Wallpapers!

Ok, so a while back I posted that horribly awful wanna-be Super Mario 3D Land Wallpaper that somehow became a big(ish) hit, well I have finally made a better one to replace that one with! (Although, if you still like that old one you can still get it on the downloads page or on it's original post (linked above)). Actually, I've created two of them! They are pretty much the same things, only with different backgrounds, but they are far better. I made these images with photoshop. I am pretty noob-ish with the program (as I just got it yesterday), so the effects aren't anything SUPER amazing. Well, here they are... (Click on each image for full size). To download click link underneath each image that says download.

DSiWare - The Legend of Zelda Four Swords is Out! (In Europe) & Other Updates

Thanks to the Strikester for the Heads up!

Back at E3 2011, Nintendo told us that we would be getting the Legend of Zelda Four Swords as a free download sometime in September. Well, it's about time we got that game! It is on DSiWare, so it's not in 3D, but if you have a DSi and not a 3DS, you can still enjoy the fun! It has been released in Europe, and America, and Japan, and anywhere else that I missed! (Or so they say). If you're in America, I would guess it's coming on Thursday along with the rest of our downloads. If your anywhere else, I have no idea. ~JTA777

Please particapate in this survey!

Ok guys, so my biggest goal for this blog is simply to interest all of you guys. To do this, I need it to be the most appealing to you, and that is what this survey is for. It is a very short survey, about 12 questions, and shouldn't take you longer than 2 minutes. I would be very happy if you did, just so I could see what you guys think. If you are interested, please go to THIS LINK. Thank you so much! ~JTA777

Never Spend a Dollar on [SOME] Virtual Console Again!

Have you ever bought something on Virtual Console (on the Wii, or 3DS) that you thought was gonna be so great, but really let you down, or you beat it too fast, or you just didn't get what you expected out of it? Or maybe the game you want to come to Virtual Console isn't there, and will probably never be. Maybe you want to play a game that everyone says is so good, but you can't afford it, or can't find it. Or maybe, you don't really know if you'll like the game or not, and you choose not to get it. Trust me, I can understand all of these problems, and this post is the solution for these issues (for NES, SNES, and Gameboy games). This method does not involve any downloads, or emulators, or anything. All you need is a recent version of java. Let's begin with NES games!!
http://www.nintendo8.com/ - This is where you can find and play any and every NES game that has ever been on the planet. This is for all of the 8 bit games created or associated with Nintendo and the NES. Now onto the SNES...

Mario Bros Music + Hot Girl = 101% Awesome

The title says it all... Enjoy.

That was awesome. You can't argue with that. She has amazing talent and tons of other uploads that I think you guys will really enjoy. She's played songs from Metal Gear, The Legend of Zelda, Mario, and so many more. Please go support her. At least give her a nice comment or a thumbs up, she deserves it. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this post, until then... ~JTA777

Mario Kart Has Never Been Better... Mario Kart 7: Info/Box Art/Etc.

If there is 1 gaming franchise that everyone likes, I would have to argue that it is the Mario Kart franchise. Not everyone wants to play a shooter, or a regular Mario game, but who doesn't like a family friendly racing game with extremely recognisable characters. I will admit, the past few games have really become less awesome. For example Mario Kart Double Dash was awesome, it' couldn't be better. Then came along Mario Kart DS which was good, but not as great. And most recently was Mario Kart Wii, which I felt was a real let down. The only major upside was the online capabilities, but those were also in Mario Kart DS.

Well now, with Mario Kart 7 coming out I don't know how they could possibly make these games any better. First of all, it's gonna be in 3D. Second, we can now glide through the air, and drive underwater! To make things better, there are gonna be 16 new courses, and 16 returning courses! There are even new items and characters coming to this game! Don't forget that there will be a kart editor! Could this get any better? Well, that's what this post is gonna be about: all of the awesomeness we will be seeing! You know what? I'll show you the developer's interview first, then we'll talk about it!

3D + 8-Bit = AWESOME!!

So we have all seen 8 bit graphics, and we have all seen 3D polygonal graphics (SM64 for example). But we have never actually seen a 3D 8-bit figure have we? That all changes, right now! Yes we have seen some things on the 3DS that make 8 bit games 3D, but that's not what I mean when I say 3D 8-bit figures. When I say 3D 8-bit figures, I mean models of 8-bit characters that are actually the polygonal 3D. (Not the popping out at you 3DS style). So some crazy dude known as CezKid has a lot of creativity, tools, ideas, and especially a lot of time on his hands. Enough to make that crazy image you see spinning around to the right of these words. So this guy has actually made a lot more of these 3D 8-bit figure things... (I show a few more in the rest of the post). If you want to see what I think are the best click the button below. If you are allergic to awesomeness, this could be very dangerous...

Super Smash Bros 4 Rumors

One of the most popular game franchises ever is the Smash Bros games. At E3 2011 Iwata confirmed that there will be a 4th Smash Bros game for the Wii U and for the 3DS. So now, I am going to be talking about all of the rumors and possible leaks that have been seen. Keep in mind, at E3 Iwata did state that Project Sora hasn't even started working on the game yet. I am not confirming any of this.

Super Smash Brothers Strife
This image has been out for quite some time now. In my opinion this image is pretty fake. I studied the image, and the text Super Smash Bros. looks almost identical to the text in Super Smash Bros. Melee. With a little bit of recoloring, rotation, and other minor effects, I'm sure someone could replicate the effect in this image. This video try's to prove that this image is fake. The actual game is being made by Project Sora, not Hal labratories, although many Kirby Characters will be in the game, but I don't see why Hal Labratories' logo would be there, and Project Sora's wouldn't. Another thing is that it says Copyright 2011 although the game hasn't even been started yet, and might not come out for a few years, so why would the copyright be in 2011? And lastly, that name, Strife... I guess that's potentially legit, but I don't think so. I'm marking Super Smash Bros Strife off as a fake, but that doesn't mean it is.

Best Mario Fan Made Game Ever?

So you guys know how I kept on saying a BIG post was coming? Well this is that post, I suggest you read the WHOLE thing because this fan made game really is a masterpiece. Although, I'm not forcing you to do anything. It's not too long, and will really be worth if you get it. (It's completely free).

A few years ago some fellow known as Redigit decided to make a game known as Super Mario Bros X, which is most likely the greatest fan made Mario game ever. I can say that this game is better than Super Mario Brothers 3 or Super Mario World, and both of those games are some of the best games ever. Sadly, this project was discontinued, but the guy made it so perfect I don't know if he could have made it any better. I felt I should share this master piece with you even though it  was discontinued. I guess Nintendo gave the guy who made it some problems, so he said he stopped because of them. Whether he's telling the truth or not is a mystery, but lets be thankful for this game he has provided us with!

So what exactly is SMBX? Well, it's basically another Super Mario Bros 3/Super Mario World Styled game all over again, but way better. The dude who made it has a bunch of different games all in 1 game, each different from the others. A few of them are like Super Mario Bros 3 (with a map), another (aka my favorite) is like a 2D Super Mario 64 with retro graphics. Speaking of graphics, the graphics in SMBX consist of the most modern graphics from Super Mario Bros, SMB2, SMB3, and Super Mario World (and some from some Zelda/Metroid games as well). The music in the game consists of all sorts of Mario/Zelda/Metroid music; from retro games to Super Mario Galaxy. Another great thing about the game (probably the best) are the cheats. Some examples are being able to change to/from Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, and Link. Others are being able to run through walls, becoming invincible, freezing time, getting any item you want (even Yoshi's), whenever you want, cloning yourself up to 128 times, and many many more. But it gets better, with customizable controls, and 2 players, why could you not want this game? And did I mention it's free? And just to top it off, there is a level editor that you can make any kind of level in. You can even create your own entire adventure. Have I interested you yet? If I did then click the Download button below these words. (.Zip folder. May or may not work on Mac).

Super Mario 3D Land 3D Screen Shots!!

I don't know about you, but I just can't get enough Super Mario 3D Land. To help a little big, Nintendo released 20 3D screen shots that can be seen on your Nintendo 3DS!!! The 3D in this game looks incredible, and might actually change the gameplay unlilke the rest of the 3D  titles. So now you're probably saying, "Shut up and give me a link to those!" Ok fine. All you have to do is come to this post on your 3DS (after pressing read more), and click each of the following links to view them, then save if you like them. 

New 3DS Trailers

Ok so a few days ago, Nintendo had a press conference in Japan.In this conference they showed us many new trailers for many of the games that we already knew about, and a few others. In this post, I will showing you guys most of the new 3DS game trailers.

So lets start off with the most anticapated, Super Mario 3D Land! I think that this trailer is looking awesome, the game looks incredible. Just to see them bringing back old things like the cannon and all that good stuff looks awesome... This game may be able to top Super Mario Galaxy, or even Super Mario Galaxy 2 if they do good enough. I am really excieted for this, and hopefully I can get it on day one.

DOWNLOADS REMOVED Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Soundtrack

I'm not sure if you guys knew or not, but when the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D came out, Nintendo gave a little reward for the first 1000 people to register it to Club Nintendo. Obviously more than 1000 people wanted the soundtrack, but could not get it, or were to late, or didn't know until later, or something like that. Well, this post was created to give those of you who don't have it, a free copy of it. So if you missed out, or were to late, or something along those lines, don't be sad, we have every second of every audio clip that was in the CD. If you are intrested, please click one of the choices below:


Note: I did not create nor test these. Should be safe, but no promises. Make sure to scan for viruses as soon as you download. Any damage to your computer is not our responsibility. Thank you for understanding.

Super Mario 3D Land Box Art & Stuff...

If any of you are as fanboy-ish as I am, you would know that Nintendo had a presentation on September 13th (12th at night for Americans). During this presentation Nintendo announced many things. One of the biggest highlights of the show was the Super Mario 3D Land information, box art etc. And that is exactly what I am going to be writing about in this post. And just taking a deeper look at some of the stuff. So on the right, you can see the American Box Art. Looks pretty good so far doesn't it? Brings back memories from Super Mario Brothers 3 and stuff... the ♪ Block, and the raccoon/tanooki tail. So it looks great and all, but lets go a little deeper than just looking at it...

Nintendo: Old School Revolution (Video)

Chances are if you are reading this blog you are a Nintendo fanboy. I'm sure that there are a few of you that enjoy some Microsoft and Sony games also, but this video is truely made for true Nintendo fans. It could be the most stupid, yet awesome thing I have ever seen in my life. (slight exaggeration). Please, don't focus on the horrible graphics, but on the point it is trying to get across. AND MAKE SURE TO WATCH THROUGH THE CREDITS. There is a scene afterwards that I'm sure you want to see. Anyways, I'll shut up so you can watch.

So I Noticed...


Ok guys, so on that poll I posted a few posts back I noticed that the majority of you said you wanted to see more current Nintendo news. Now, to be honest with you, I didn't really make this site to talk about current stuff because I really can't keep up with it, I'm lazy, and I have a lot of stuff going on in school... High school sucks, enjoy your years of Middle School (for those of you middle schoolers who are reading). But back on topic, I really just made this as more of a fan site to look back and talk about all of this great stuff. This site actually started off as a site for Wallpapers, but that didn't work so well... Anyways, I really hope you guys do understand that I didn't make this for current Nintendo news. If you really want current Nintendo news, I suggest checking out Nintendo Life, The 3DS Blog, or GoNintendo. Now don't get me wrong, I will still be doing some current events, just not as much as those links right there do.

I'm really sorry I haven't been posting a lot lately, like I said school is really tough. I've already written a 7 page paper (which took like, 20 hours) and I have another one due in 11 days, and a speech to memorize by next week. (Sadly, thats only for one of my classes. The rest aren't near as bad, but still, its absurd what they make us do). But I promise I will not ditch you guys. There may be some weeks I have no posts, but don't worry about that.

And lastly I just wanted to say THANK YOU! We've gotten over 700 views in just over a month which is pretty impressive... So thank you guys so very much! If we keep inceasing this quick I may have to start giving things out... Anyways, thats all for now. I will try and post another flash game or video or something to drool over soon, but until then... I'm JTA777 signing out.

Tuper Tario Tros

Based on the Title, you're probably thinking "What the heck?" right? Well, that's what I thought when I first heard of this flash game. Anyways, this flash game is probably the most creative thing you could think of. This is the result of mixing Tetris, and Super Mario Bros. It's the most bizarre thing ever, but pure genius. I must warn you, as hardcore as I am, I can't even beat the first level, so... yeah. Click the button below if you're intersted.

What Do You Want To See More Of?

Alright guys, so I really made this site just for fun, but I really do want to know what you guys want to see more of. I mean, do you only come here for the wallpapers, or the old triva news, or the modern day news, or teh games. What do you really come here for and want to see? Please vote in the poll below.

Also, if there is something else you want to see, PLEASE say what it is in the comments. I really do want to know what you guys want! ~JTA777