Super Mario 3D Land New Power-Ups & Stuff!

Super Mario 3D Land was announced a while ago, and one of the biggest excitements of the game was the return of the Tanooki suit. After we heard that, Iwata also announced that the Tanooki suit wouldn't be the only returning or new suit in this game. Recently a bunch of Super Mario 3D Land screenshots and pieces of artwork have been released, and now we get to see some of the new and old suits that we will be seeing soon... I'm sure you've already seen the Boomerang suit by now, but here it is again! (Click on it for full resolution). Unlike the Tanooki Suit, this is a new power up. In Super Mario Bros 3 (where the Tanooki suit originated), you were able to play as Hammer Mario, and now you're able to play as Boomerang Mario. It'll be so awesome throwing Boomerangs at koopa's instead of letting them throw boomerangs at you! That sounds great right? but there's even more from where that came from! Just click that button that says View Full Post.
One of the greatest power-ups in Super Mario Bros 3 was the Raccoon Suit. But what was even better than that was the P-Wing which let you fly for an infinite time. And now, it returns... Take a look at the images below this paragraph... I really do wonder what it will look like when Mario has it, and what will it do? I ask that second question because apparently you can't fly with the Tanooki suit, only flutter down slower... So will the P-Wing allow you to fly? I don't think so, that would make it too easy... Maybe for a time limit...? I really don't know. It seems pretty awesome though. And check out that weird block back there with the shiny leaf in it. What is that? It seems like it's gonna be an upgraded Tanooki suit... If you look at the official Super Mario 3D Land Leaf Artwork, then you may notice that this looks nothing like the leaf in this image... Well, there are some images with Mario with this power-up in action. His Tanooki Suit seems to be quite white... It seems like a mix between a star and a Tanooki leaf as he looks so freakin indestructable against that giant Tanoomba. The last good news I have is that there is a good chance that Luigi will be in the game! If you look at the last image I have posted, Luigi is hidden somewhere in there, and that is official artwork! In this post I have 3 images and 1 piece of artwork shown below (and the boomerang artwork above), if you want to see much much more, click here. Well, that's all I have to talk about today... Until then! ~JTA777

Can you find Luigi?


Found him Hess a tonookie statue

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