3DS Mii's!!

Hey guys, so on my old blog, I had a few post's with some Mii's but I decided to Import them here. Lucky for you, I decided to put all of them into 1 picture (I did leave a few out, but I'll give you a link to them at the end of the post). Anyways, here are 15 Mii's created (or at least re-created) by JTA777. Credit is greatly appreciated. Note: Many of the Mii's are locked; unable to edit... (For the picture, click the button below).
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So, I (JTA777) Created the following on my own: JTA, Mario, Yoshi, Goomba, Boo, Kirby, Vega, Batman, and Camera. I re-created the rest on my own, from a little inspiration from some Mii's on the Wii or found online. So if you use this picture, DO NOT credit me for all of them. 

So if you are interested in my old posts on my old blog, please click here, here, or here. And if you want to find some other great Mii's here are some great websites!
There are many others but that should be enough for now. If you have some Mii's you want to show off, please say so in the comment section! Anyways, thank you for reading this article, until next time... JTA777


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